Building with Toothpicks

1. Gather supplies of a box of toothpicks, glue and LOTS of patience. If you don’t mind using food for a project (I do) you can use mini marshmallows or gumdrops to connect the toothpicks instead of glue. You can try to use playdough or clay, but it is difficult to make it work.
toothpick pyramid
2. Create some 2 dimensional shapes with the toothpicks, using the picks as the straight edges, and the other gunk as the connectors. First, try squares, triangles and pentagons.

3. Create some 3 dimensional shapes. Make a cube, a pyramid, a geodesic dome, the Empire State Building, New Jersey…

You will NOT believe this one…toothpick puzzles. More than you have ever dreamed of…try them out with your left overs.