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Modernism among Palm Trees

Modernism is a style of architecture built in the 1950’s. It is recognizable for straight lines, geometric shapes, lots of windows and light, and little decoration. Palm Springs, California is home for a great deal of modernist homes and structures. Architect William F. Cody designed many of these buildings. A film titled, “Desert Maverick,”  uncovers his prolific…

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So You Want to Be an Architect?

This might be the right book for you! The Aspiring Architect is a workbook, well let’s not call it a WORK book…it is more like a FUN book where you can draw, color, and sketch and (meanwhile) learn something about architecture too. It is an exploration of architecture that is big and famous, like Jefferson’s Monticello, as…

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Jane Jacobs Day at Google!

See Jane stop that building from being demolished! What a great person – Jane Jacobs was an activist – who wrote a book in 1961 titled “”. She took on urban planners who thought that cities were unhealthy and nasty places and that they should be demolished. Her reaction to those ideas was “NO WAY!!” While…


416 Creative CRATES for Immigrants

Architecture students do some really wacky and innovative stuff. They stay up all night to get their work done and they build structures out of materials that are not normally used. Like plastic vegetable crates. And plastic ties. And nothing else. At Lebanese American University, in Byblos Lebanon, the architecture students were asked to solve…


Architecture Films Galore

Who doesn’t like videos? Who doesn’t like architecture? Who doesn’t like videos about architecture? If you are one of those folks who are interested in learning about the built environment by watching short films, we have the site for you. Walk through a building designed by Shigeru Ban or Daniel Libeskind. In one video, architect Steven…

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Anything is Architecture

Crumpled paper. A small empty box. Some tangled wire. An acorn. A roll of tape. Sou Fujimoto, a Japanese architect, thinks that any of these items might be considered architecture and he has placed these and MANY other items on small pedestals in the Chicago Cultural Center in an exhibit titled, “Architecture is Everywhere.” Putting…


Sleep with Architecture

Hey Kids! There is a sleep over at the Chicago Cultural Center for kids who are interested in architecture and YOU are invited! Friday, November 20, at 6pm through Saturday, November 21 at 8am in downtown Chicago. What could be better?   Create, build, and design at the best slumber party ever! and remember to RSVP!