Sleep with Architecture

Hey Kids! There is a sleep over at the Chicago Cultural Center for kids who are interested in architecture and YOU are invited! Friday, November 20, at 6pm through Saturday, November 21 at 8am in downtown Chicago. What could be better?   Create, build, and design at the best slumber party ever! and remember to RSVP!  

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A Home for Orchids

We at archKIDecture had never heard the word before, but this structure in Colombia, South America, is called an orchidarium. It is a home for orchids. In the lush climate of Medellin, Colombia, architects from architecture firms, “Plan B” and   JPRCR, won a competition to design this wooden structure for the Botanic Gardens of Medellin.…


Mushroom Buildings

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the headquarters for the S.C Johnson company in Racine, Wisconsin. He designed the buildings, the furniture, and even the sculptures. You can take a free tour of the place if you ever visit the Dairy state, and it is worth it. The parking lot has these mushroom shaped columns that hold…


Busy Builder of Mini Buildings

Charles Young has a fancy for building things. He decided to build a small building each day for a full year. Yessirree. 365 buildings in as many days. Each building is a miniature work of art and function. The windmill, pictured, runs around and powers an ax that cuts wood next to the building. Each…


Rebuild reBUILDS an Old Bank

“Rebuild Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Chicago that aims to REBUILD teh cultural foundations in underinvested neighborhoods and incite movements of community revitalization that are culture based, artist led and neighborhood driven.” That is that it says front and center on the Rebuild Foundation website. And clearly, Theaster Gates, the founder of Rebuild, knows…

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A long, long time ago, when we at archKIDecture were just young children, only boys got to build with toys. Girls did not. Girls got soft toys, like dolls and stuffed animals, and they could dress them up and carry them around. Boys got toys to build with, blocks and legos, and they got dolls too,…

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Wright Kind of Summer Camp

Kids aged 7-9 in Scottsdale are lucky to have an opportunity to learn at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and school in Arizona in a summer camp about architecture. The goal is to promote creative thinking and problem solving – and to see the results of Wright’s brainwork has got to be inspirational. Sessions…

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Join the Green Dollhouse Challenge

We just heard about the Green Dollhouse Challenge, a competition of the most politically correct kind! In this Challenge, participants range from 1 – 100 years old, pre-schoolers to aged architects (and anyone in between.) Sponsored by the EnergyTeachers.org organization, the competition is meant to encourage creative thinking in the field of energy efficiency, sustainability,…

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Dwelling on a Cincinnati Architecture Education Project

You can’t really argue with a program that is a free, hands-on, project-based learning experience for schools, educators and students, grades K-12. Cincinnati is one lucky place indeed! The project called Design Lab is an in-classroom program that includes visits by built-environment professionals who visit the classroom one time per month for four months in a row.…


This House is the Cat’s Meow

Cats are finicky. Some people might think that this translates into having good taste. We are not sure about that at archKIDecture. We do know that these luxurious cat homes would be the pride of any cat lover, showing off your good taste. Made of a variety of materials, these homes are an interesting solution…