Pickle Building

Swiss Re buildingDesigned by architect Norman Foster and partners, this building is unique because instead of being rectangular each floor is curved. The building is used as office space. The building starts narrower at the base and gets fatter in the middle and then gets more slender again at the top.

It is made of glass and steel and it is praised because it is a skyscraper that considers the environment. Unlike most skyscrapers, the windows open on this building allowing for the wind to cool the air, instead of using so much air conditioning. Also, the glass panels are very good for allowing natural light to light the space, so that less electricity is used for lamps.

The glass panels are double thick. Cool air is forced in between the two layers and that reduces heating and cooling needs. And there are blinds inside to help with cooling.

gherkin or pickleThis shape has reminded many people of a pickle, so the nickname for the building is THE GHERKIN…(a pickle in British English). Others call it THE CIGAR. It is also called 30 St Mary Axe.