Unusual Target Stores

bullseyeTarget Stores can be cool too! There is this idea that stores like Target have to be BIG BOXES..and they are never very interesting architecture. However, here are some interesting images we got from the architects at Target.

Target stores are so common to us in the US. We go there to buy our toothpaste and t-shirts, baskets and shampoo and about a zillion other items. We don’t think about the spaces so often, because they are generally just rectangular buildings, usually one story tall, with huge signs that have targets on them.

Most of the stores are built relatively quickly as big rectangular boxes, without much thought about architecture and more thought about how to make the most money inside the store. See the definition of Big Box Stores.

Fortunately for the architects who work for Target, sometimes there are other more interesting projects and they get to be more creative with solutions for building the stores.

target store
The Target store in Hollywood is as “over-the-top” as you would expect in that land of make-believe!

Sometimes, the architects need to think of more innovative solutions to problems like parking in tight areas, signage to make the entrance clear and innovative ways to make buildings fit into tight areas.

Here are some photos of unusual or unique stores. Thank you to the design team at Target for sharing the photos.

Target storeNot a typical box at all, this Target store is two stories with a SEVEN story parking garage. in Maryland.

TargetThis Target store had to fit into an old department store building. The new facade, or front of the building, was designed to bring a very new look to an old building.