archKIDecture Floorplan Drawing Activity 2

archKIDecture floorplanAt archKIDecture, we love floorplans. They are the drawings that are made by architects and designers to define the outside walls, windows, and doors of a space and then give details about the interior walls and doors, rooms, and well, everything that makes up a building.

Try this floorplan worksheet. Remember a floorplan is what the view is like if you were a bird flying above the building or structure (without a roof on the building!)

Download the floorplan worksheet now! Try it out on your own.

Otherwise, if you have some graph paper, or paper with a grid, you can make a floorplan this way:

  1. Place the paper on the table.
  2. Walk away from the table and start at the corner of the room and measure the room with your footsteps. Yes, use your FEET and measure out the length and width of the room where you are located by walking from one wall across the room to the other side of the room.
  3. Using the squares on the paper, where one square equals one footstep, mark the paper, and use the ruler to make straight lines. to measure the rectangular shape of the room.
  4. If your room is not rectangular, use the grid on the paper to help you to figure out where there are inside corners or closets and use your steps to measure them too. This is NOT easy for some people.
  5. Make sure that you are using a straight edge of a ruler or a book to connect the lines and to make make them straight.
  6. Ask for help if it keeps getting messed up. That happens. Don’t worry about it!