Center for Architecture projectArchitecture Stuff To Do at Home

Are you bored? Do you need to find some fun stuff to do? You can get some ideas from The Center for Architecture in New York. The folks there have organized a bunch of activities for kids to do at home. They have a storefront in New York City, but since stores aren’t open now,

Walking in Barcelona square photo of Gaudi churchWalking in Barcelona

The Spanish city, Barcelona, is famous it’s architecture. The city is the home of the work of Antonio Gaudi, the man who we always like to quote as saying. “I hope that in the future all buildings will be soft and furry.” The man never met a corner he liked, so his buildings were filled

mushrooms used for constructionMushroom Rooms

Mushrooms. We usually think of them as food. Ya know, we have sliced mushrooms on pizza, we sometimes make rice with veggies, including mushrooms. Apparently, mushrooms can also be used to make ROOMS. Mushrooms, also called mycelium, grow everywhere and have lots of great qualities, including acting like glue. So, if mycelium is mixed with

black and white drawing of furnitureTry Drawing at Home

You know when you just cannot think of anything to draw? That feeling of having white paper just staring up at you, begging for something and you are absolutely empty of ideas? You can always open your eyes and draw your space. That could be the room where you sleep, the place you eat, or

foster and partners big time architecture firm has some ideas of things for kidsArchitecture Projects for Kids from Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners is one of the world famous architecture firms that designs buildings all over the globe. One of the very well-known buildings by Foster + Partners is located in London. This building has the strange name of “The Gherkin”, which translated into American English is “The Pickle.” We like it very much because

Froebel ToysFreddy Froebel’s Fun

Ok, his name was Friedrich Froebel, not Freddy, but perhaps he was Freddy to his friends. He did seem to like to make fun for children. He is credited for having invented the first Kindergarten and for designing many toys for children based on geometric shapes, natural materials and fine craftmanship. His toys were called

archkidecture workship DRAW IT!DRAW IT! archKIDecture workshop

this workshop offers an opportunity to draw something over and over but with a twist. we think you will have fun taking an ordinary object and drawing it over and over again…. workshop details: for folks ages 7-102 | approximately 12 minutes | create a drawing project based on an object in your house |

Build a ShelfBuild a Hexagon Shelf

Since everyone is at home a lot – it might be time to make something new for your room, or for another space in your house. And all you need is a whole bunch of popsicle sticks and a glue gun. I am not sure that the shelf could hold a set of encyclopedias or

architecture drawing classAn On-Line Architectural Drawing Class for Kids

Architectural drawing is very specific. What we mean is that architectural drawing involves lines, curves, tones, shapes, and measurements. Of course there are sketches that are more general or willy nilly, and there are beautiful architectural drawings that are painterly. For the most part, architects are drawing to communicate to others about the look and

Joey the dog in perspective at a distance and close upDisney Castle is Pretend – No Surprise

If you have ever been to Disneyland in Anaheim California, you must have seen and entered the Sleeping Beauty Castle – you know the HUGE stone castle with the brightly colored flags waving from the parapet, (the extended short wall around the top of the castle that goes up and down and up and down

adobe bricksAdorable Adobe

Do you know what adobe is? It is a building material that is as old as the hills (not sure what the means) except that adobe has been around for many centuries and it is made of earth (like the hills). It starts out as earth. Earth that is not too wet and yet not

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camp swirly in denmark forestA Tower Named Camp

We love this Danish tower so much. And we hope to be able to visit it someday and climb, climb, climb up to the top and look out in the forest. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go there, to Haslev, Denmark, and visit a 900 meter boardwalk connected to a 45 meter tall observation

Cover Up image of a sackCover Up!

Ghanaian artist, Ibrahim Mahama covers up buildings in a most interesting way. The artist takes sacks made of jute, also called hessian sacks, that are commonplace in his native country, Ghana.  Artist Mahama has collected a zillion of the sacks and then proceeded to sew them together and completely cover up buildings with the material.

girih tiles sampleGirih Tiles and Strapwork

How the heck do people make those intricate designs on mosques and other Persian or Islamic structures? They are fascinating and gorgeous and so very complex. AHA! We found out how it is done and it is based on a surprisingly small number of shapes and lines. The shapes are called Girih tiles and the

an architecture school projectA Short Booklet about How to Become an Architect

If you want to briefly understand a definition of the word architecture or architect, and if you want to learn about going to architecture graduate school and working at an architecture firm, then this PDF is just perfect for you. Created by an architecture firm, HKS, for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in England,  it

Paul WilliamsRecovered History

We just heard some great news. All of the records of a prominent American architect, Paul Williams, have just been discovered after it was thought they were destroyed.  Mr. Williams designed over 3000 buildings, including the famous Los Angeles airport building, and the homes of many famous actors over a fifty year career. He won

homenmade kid's house in EvanstonSomething to Build While at Home

Walking down the street, minding my own business, and what did I see? This incredible homemade home made on the front lawn of this home. I don’t know much about it but I would guess that it was made of found materials and painted in a most elegant and extravagant fashion!  Who would not want

tentForts from Sweden

While you are stuck at home, perhaps you want to create a new space. You can build some kind of fort. All you need is a sheet or blanket and some chairs or tables and your BIG ideas. If you have some string lights, perhaps some clips or clothespins, the possibilities are endless. The huge

Toilet paper roll townTP and Towel Roll Town

During this time when we are all stuck inside, it’s time to be creative with the items we have in the house and stuff we might recycle… the cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels. Useless items can become a secret city! Take the roll, wrap it with paper. Cut out windows and glue

Brette Haus - a folding houseKnow When to Fold A House

It is fascinating how many modular houses are available now. These are houses that are manufactured in a factory and then shipped to the location where they are assembled and built. Some of these houses are made out of shipping containers or other metal boxes that attach to each other. Some others that we just

select gameSELECT – A New DesignGame

SELECT is a fun design game where an artist or architect can click and select different pieces to make a drawing! Check it out. Put your cursor over any box and drag down to see dozens of different lines, shapes, letters, or numbers. Select any one per box. You can try to make something you’ve

Sharkee HouseHey Look! It’s a SHARK in Your Roof!

Back in 1986, a shark crashed into the roof of a house in England. And it is STILL there! It didn’t actually jump out of the ocean and into a house in Oxford England. (After all, Oxford is about 100 miles from the ocean.) Nope, this 400 pound fiberglass fish was created by an artist

Self Cleaning Kitchen woman with an umbrella in the kitchenWhat? This House Cleans Itself!

From the collection of wacky and brilliant ideas in the world, we present the Self Cleaning House! Yes, an inventor and artist, named Frances Gabe, came up with this idea because she wanted to be free from the mundane task of cleaning her home. She had this idea and she spent years building out her

zip it architectureZIPPY Architecture

This building might come as a surprise to you. You can ZIP it up. Literally zip it with a VERY LARGE zipper! It appears to be able to be zipped, however it is a visual play for us to think about architecture and the built environment differently and with some fun. Artist Alex Chinneck zips

Google sketch of frank lloyd wright buildingsGoogletecture

You know how Google always has a doodle on the home page for search? Fortunately someone collected all of the architecture, or built-environment doodles in one place for us to review and reminisce. See how many times Google focused our attention on architecture and smile a bit at each one for its distinct look and

Golden pyramid module at the BuildIT! exhibit about architecture for kidsBuildIT! Exhibit For YOU!

We have a wonderful exhibit for kids of all ages to introduce concepts about the built environment. It is the BuildIT! exhibit. With nine 2′ x 2′ modules, it can fit into any space in a library, museum, community center, or special event venue. Each module has a different activity associated with it and something

Book CoverSweet Book about “A Few Blocks” for Little Kids

Cybèle Young created this book about a sister and brother who help each other through their imaginations to travel around. The illustrations are lovely drawings that are colored and then cut out and used in collage with drop shadows. It is a playful and creative story. And it is a pleasure to see siblings who

Eileen Gray chair and profileGray Scale

Born in Ireland on August 9 1878, Eileen Gray lived in England and France most of her life. Gray started as a painter and lacquerist (a person who specializes in applying lacquer.) She made art, designed buildings and also furniture. Some of her furniture became iconic – meaning that if you see it you know

photo of new 3D houseMexican Houses in 3D!

Many people in the world are looking for solutions to the global housing crisis. What can be done to end homelessness for so many people all over the world? Some solutions include housing made of shipping containers, or housing made of pre-built parts, like a house made of Lego kit. In this case, three organizations

Givepower structuresA Clean Water Building

Clean water is a huge concern in the world. Many places do not have clean water that is accessible and available. There are places with access to salt water, but not clean drinking water. Fortunately, there are people all over the world looking into solutions to these problems and one group, called GivePower is using

Hiroshi_Sugimoto, architect and photographerSugimoto: Architecture Photos to Love

Hiroshi Sugimoto is an architect but archKIDecture learned of him from his beautiful photos of architecture. Always blurry, these large scale photos show off such beautiful buildings that you might know, and others that might be new to you. Either way, they make you feel sort of dreamy about the human built environment. Born in

Coloring LogoColor in the Chicago Cultural Center

archKIDecture will be doing a few weekend open workshops as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial. As part of the fun, we will be coloring the floor plans of the Cultural Center itself. Come and hang out on the floor of the Chicago Cultural Center and color the picture of the floor  plan. We are