When kids learn about architecture, BIG ideas are built.

young man playing with feltiles from archKIDectureWHY?

Because it is fun!
It is relevant!
It is tangible!
It surrounds us!
Because kids can influence it, shape it and be a part of it.

We can teach kids about the built environment in so many interesting ways. Kids become engaged and passionate about it through stories, projects and learning to really SEE their surroundings.

Math and science education use architecture as a basis for learning elemental concepts about measurement and physics. Social studies education use architecture as a way to uncovering a culture and the history of people and place.

Kids can build things with their own hands, feeling the accomplishment of problem-solving and creating something interesting, or beautiful or weird.school house

Architecture is a great medium for all kinds of learning and doing. STEM learning happens here. To learn more about the foundational ideas of archKIDecture, read this paper we published in The Nexus Journal.

archKIDecture was established by Julie Cowan in 1996 to encourage visual literacy and explain math, science and visual arts concepts through the medium of architecture.

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