BuildIT! A Traveling archKIDecture exhibit

BuildIT! model
this is a pint-sized model of the exhibit

Build It! encourages children to learn about forms, structures, and shapes through hands-on play with a variety of materials. Kids develop new ideas about the built environment by exercising design and exploring spatial relationships. 

The Build IT! exhibit is:

  • Composed of nine hand-made modules
  • Adjusts to your specific space
  • Great for kids from 3 – 12 (at least!)
  • Sturdy
  • Posters available to hang above each module

We also offer programming with the exhibit.

Libraries, museums, schools, and special event sites have all rented out this architecture exhibit for kids.

Our programs cover mathematics, science, art, languages, and social studies. archKIDecture combines interpretive discussions and slide shows with hands-on art activities to teach children about architecture and its relationship to history, culture, literature, science and math.

We help kids to develop creative skills and observations of the built environment.

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Here are some of the modules of the exhibit:

The exhibit also has some posters to hang above the modules or place along the walls: