Architecture Toys for Kids

architecture set

3DUX Architecture Design Set

Costs around $27.00

Hubs Geodesic Dome Kit

Costs around $165.00 – great for a classroom project

Hape Wooden Doll House

Costs around $52.00

Roominate Chateau

Costs around $70.00

Kapla 200 Blocks Set

Costs around $60.00

Structures 400 Plank Set

Costs around $90.00..but it is a large set – 400 pieces!

Roominate Studio

Costs around $13.00

OgoSport OgoBild POD

Costs around $35.00

Pacific Play Tent

Costs around $30.00

LEGO Architecture Willis Tower

Cost is around $140.00

Barbie Builder

Cost around $15.00

Architecto Game

Cost around $25.00

LEGO White House

Cost around $80.00….Yikes!

LEGO Architecture Studio

Cost is around $327…super YIKES! But a lot of lego for the dollar. And a great educational book and by the way, the set is designed for kids 16 years and older.

Straw Constructor Set

Cost is around $20.00

Keva Structures 600 Planks Set

Cost is around $130.00

Lincoln Logs – 111 Pieces

Cost is around $50.00

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)

Cost around $95.00….YIKES!

brinca dada Constructures, Medium

Costs around $40.00

brinca dada Constructures, Small

Costs around $20.00

Magna Tiles House Set

Costs around $50.00

LEGO Creative Tower Building Set 

Costs around $180.00