design competition for kids

Thinking Hard about A Design Competition for KIDS

Brain illustration by Kathy Mandell
(Thanks to Kathy Mandell for this Brain Drawing.)
Coming out of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, there is a BRAINY design competition for kids in Grades 1 – 8. The Competition is called
“Cycles: From Fields to Cities” which is a bit of a confusing name – we thought it had something to do with biCYCLES – but it does not. The word Cycles refers to how cities grew our from what were formerly fields, before anything was built. (We think.)
Anyway, your job as a kid is to design something in response to the idea of how a metropolis grows and changes. It is an abstract kind of idea, meaning you have to use your BRAIN to think about it and then you can design or draw almost anything. We wish we were still in grammar school or middle school and that we could join in too.

Competition is closed now.