architecture drawing class

An On-Line Architectural Drawing Class for Kids

Architectural drawing is very specific. What we mean is that architectural drawing involves lines, curves, tones, shapes, and measurements. Of course there are sketches that are more general or willy nilly, and there are beautiful architectural drawings that are painterly. For the most part, architects are drawing to communicate to others about the look and structure of a built building or a structure. Learning how to draw like an architect is a special skill. And it is really fantastic. Sometimes people consider drafting as the only kind of architectural drawing that exists, but really there are lots of types of drawing to learn and explore.

Architect Joel Berman started teaching online architectural drawing classes for adults and he opened a class for kids too. You can take a peek at the classes here, and possibly sign up.  His classes for children are intended for kids from 9-13 – but it looks to us that if you feel you are ready for learning some more complex architecture drawing skills, you can try and adult class and really learn something. 

Topics for the classes include contour, line, perspective and value. There is a cost for these classes and they take place in real time, so probably it is best if you live in a time zone that is not too far from Joel, who lives in Chicago.

For more info, you can contact him at: and visit his website

One more thing, archKIDecture is finally start posting some free workshops for drawing projects. We love to teach and talk about architecture for kids and we are almost ready to launch. We are new at making videos to teach stuff, so be kind with us and patient. If you have any ideas for things you want to learn, please let me know (Julie) at