Museum of Contemporary Art Skyscraper Exhibit

Artists Consider Architecture

Museum of Contemporary Art Skyscraper Exhibit
A single column of Legos is one artist’s interpretation of architecture. Can you imagine that? Once single column of Lego blocks – granted, it IS pretty tall but doesn’t that just make you want to say, “Really?” The Lego tower is part of a new art exhibit in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art – or the MCA as we like to call it.

There are cool photographs and paintings, as well as constructions, like a city skyline built of refrigerators of all sizes that are covered in small mirrors to look like reflected glass windows. There is another squishy piece that is a version of a city made out of fabric stuffed into little buildings of cloth.

One of our favorite items on display was this very tall tower made with a kid’s building toy, called Eitech. The artwork is a reproduction of the Chrysler Building in New York City, that was completed in 1930. We admire that Chrysler Building, immensely.
eitech chrysler building by Chris Burden

The artist, Chris Burden, must have developed his own design because there is no exact kit for it.

Here is a more complete photo of the building that Chris built.
Whole Eitech Chrysler Building
if you want to try it yourself!