Walt Disney Concert Hall

How Did You Come Up with That?

Walt Disney Concert HallArchitect Frank Gehry is known for his outrageously different structures, like Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. What makes this project interesting is that he did not see that design as one whole structure immediately. No, his team built over 82 models as they designed it. Yes 82. And then they used software to scan each model and then they use the drawings to make their final design. In an interview in a book titled [amazon_link id=”1439170428″ target=”_blank” ]Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries[/amazon_link] Frank Gehry surprisingly admits that he is scared at the beginning of any project because he might not come up with a good idea. That happens to all of us when faced with a tough project or problem, right?
We guess what it teaches us is to try something, and then try again and again and you will have something better at the end. It might take 82 tries, but you will get it.