zip it architecture

ZIPPY Architecture

Photo from the Alex Chinnick website

This building might come as a surprise to you. You can ZIP it up. Literally zip it with a VERY LARGE zipper! It appears to be able to be zipped, however it is a visual play for us to think about architecture and the built environment differently and with some fun. Artist Alex Chinneck zips up buildings (or unzips them), he peels off the facades (the fronts of the buildings) and he even breaks the windows in perfectly matched ways. All of these works offer surprise and to our eyes, joy, because you never expected to see what he has created.

Drop by Alex Chinneck’s website to see a large collection of his works. Hope to be able to visit them in person some day too. The Zipper piece is titled “A Sprinkle of Night and a Spoonful of Light”. What does that mean to you?