A BIG Dollhouse

Dollhouses are usually pint-sized. They are cute because there are little windows, and miniature couches beds, and the pillows are like teeny little pin cushions. This Canadian artist, Heather Benning took the concept of a dollhouse and created a life-size version.

She took an old home that was run-down and abandoned and decorated it just like a typical dollhouse.


Part of why it looks so much like a dollhouse, is that one whole wall of the house is removed so you can look into all of the rooms. In architectural terms, this would be called a “section” of the house, as if you sliced it vertically.

The house cannot be seen any longer. It was burned down in 2013, which was part of the original plan for the project. Here is a link to the video of the house on fire.

The house can be seen at the artists, Heather Benning’s website.