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Painting some Frank Lloyd Wright

Not sure if you are looking for something fun to do nowadays, but it sure is possible that you are. We just found this nice Paint By Number set that would be an excellent addition to art for your wall and an homage to famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. You can find it here.

Download and Color!

We just learned about a new coloring book, called TOMO I. It is from the architecture firm Carmelina | Aurelio which is based in Mexico. Oh wait! They created another coloring book called TOMO II! Both are free downloads as PDF documents. Come up with some great color combos and fill in the lines! Or […]

Should You Be an Architect?

Adults always ask you, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” And isn’t that annoying? When we were young we said, “I want to be an artist,” or “I want to be a teacher.” Maybe you are thinking, “I want to be an architect.” If this is the case, then you should […]