READ About Making Great PLACES

One of our favorite people in the world of architecture writing and thinking is a man named Christopher Alexander. I did not know much about him but I did find this info about his being a professor and an architect of a whole BUNCH of buildings LINK

Christopher Alexander has written a few brilliant books about what makes a place wonderful – not just a pretty facade or fancy windows, or even something that is environmentally correct. Rather his “A Pattern Language” book is like a bible for people to figure out how to make a place livable and lovely and full of good-feeling. He does not say it has to be specifically this or that, but rather that you need to do some work before you build to FIGURE IT OUT. YES, it takes WORK, but it is interesting and exciting work. He now has a website about how to create a livable neighborhood and there are some cool things YOU can do, or think about your OWN neighborhood. LINK

One of the great books that Christopher Alexander co-wrote is is called A Pattern Language, and it describes patterns that exist in our lives that help us to make sense of things, to feel good and to be comfortable.LINK LINK to A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (Center for Environmental Structure Series)