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What Lies Underneath the City?

Author Kate Ascher shows us what runs our cities – literally, how the water travels through the pipes, the electricity through wires and cables, and streets and all of the other elements that make a city run…these are all called infrastructure. INFRASTRUCTURE is a LARGE WORD. The Wikipedia definition is “Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and […]

150 Years of Frank Lloyd Wright

2017 will be a yearlong celebration of the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth. There will be special tours, projects,events, and even dinners at various venues in Madison Wisconsin. For kids, there is an exciting new exhibit inspired by Wright’s ideas, at the Madison Children’s Museum. The exhibit’s title, “From Coops to Cathedrals: Nature, Childhood and the […]

A Small ABC Book about Architecture

  A is for Architecture is a book by Eric Heuler. With a hand drawn image on each page and a single sentence describing the words from A to Z, the book is a nice introduction to the terms of architecture, from Dome, to Masonry, to Oculus. (An oculus, by the way, is a circular window […]

Modernist or Fake?

Is it real or is it Lego? Recently we saw some cool Modernist houses in Palm Springs, California. They were built in the 1940’s, 1950’s and the 1960’s in a slick, horizontal kind of way, with large roof overhangs offering shade and creating beautiful shadows too. In the hot desert world of Palm Springs, these […]

A Home for Orchids

We at archKIDecture had never heard the word before, but this structure in Colombia, South America, is called an orchidarium. It is a home for orchids. In the lush climate of Medellin, Colombia, architects from architecture firms, “Plan B” and   JPRCR, won a competition to design this wooden structure for the Botanic Gardens of Medellin. […]