Architect Barbie is Stylin’

architect BarbieBarbie has been changing over the years from a female doll with lots of clothes, cars and a dunebuggy to a full career woman. A couple of years ago, she became an architect, as Architect Barbie was developed.
We are not sure if she went to architecture school to train, but atleast she has some of the items necessary to be an architect. There are blueprint drawings that she carries rolled in a tube. There is a hard hat that she can wear to a work site safely.And there are her high heels and short skirt. – Why? We are not sure. Maybe so that we can be sure that she is female?
Well, it is good to know that kids who play with Barbie can learn about architecture and are possibly inspired by her to join the field. There are still many more male architects than female, so we will accept any help to convince girls to join in and more boys too. Even if this model always wears a pink dress it gets the idea of architecture into kids’ brains.

Here is an article about the Barbie Architect doll, which brings up ideas about how few architects are women.