Category: building projects

Forts from Sweden

While you are stuck at home, perhaps you want to create a new space. You can build some kind of fort. All you need is a sheet or blanket and some chairs or tables and your BIG ideas. If you have some string lights, perhaps some clips or clothespins, the possibilities are endless. The huge […]

TP and Towel Roll Town

During this time when we are all stuck inside, it’s time to be creative with the items we have in the house and stuff we might recycle… the cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels. Useless items can become a secret city! Take the roll, wrap it with paper. Cut out windows and glue […]

A Minty Tiny House Project

Sometimes you might want to build a project about space that is small and simple. In this case, if you can get your hands on a bunch of mint tins or candy tins, you can create some sweet little spaces. For instructions on making a teeny tiny doll house out of a metal mint tin, […]

Gingerbread Fallingwater House

So you want to build a gingerbread house? Why not impress your  neighbors and friends, (or at least people who love architecture) and build a model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House? This one was built by some folks who wrote some directions on how to build it youerself. They said it took TEN hours […]

Draw in 3D? Sounds AMAZING!!!

A new toy/tool/art supply called a 3Doodler is available so you can draw a 3D object. And this gizmo looks pretty great. It is not inexpensive, a roundabout way of saying that it costs a pretty penny, and it looks like a whole lot of fun. Feed some plastic tubing into a pen-like tool, and […]

3D Printed Thingys Make Platonic Solids!

You see, there is a man who came up with some 3D printed connector thingys that work with dowels to build any of the five platonic solids. You can go to that website and download the instructions for 3D printing all of the connector thingys. And have a great time building the shapes as […]

Architecture Pipe Cleaner Project

Want to build something with old fashioned pipe cleaners? How about trying to build the tallest building possible with some pipe cleaners? Take a limited number of pipe cleaners, say 15. Then try to build the tallest structure possible. Try to twist them together or tie them up or whatever you can do to make […]