foster and partners big time architecture firm has some ideas of things for kids

Architecture Projects for Kids from Foster + Partners

Foster and Partners

Foster + Partners is one of the world famous architecture firms that designs buildings all over the globe.

One of the very well-known buildings by Foster + Partners is located in London. This building has the strange name of “The Gherkin”, which translated into American English is “The Pickle.” We like it very much because it is unique and it is a skyscraper with opening windows (which is unusual in askyscraper.)

The Gherkin by Foster + Partners
the Gherkin in London

The real name of the structure is it’s address, 30 St Mary Axe. The Gherkin is a commercial structure, meaning that people work in it (versus live in it.) That is great when people were going into offices to work, but now with the pandemic, it is not being used as much. So the folks at Foster + Partners came up with a series of books about the building for kids. In a turn of events, the building ends up FLYING! Read “The Flying Gherkin” stories by downloading them from the architecture firm website here!

These folks who work at Foster + Partners came up with some projects for kids to do during Covid, as they figured that you kids might be getting sort of bored by being home. If you are interested in learning about some of the projects, please visit this Foster + Partners webpage.

You can download from their site:

Have fun and if you can let us know how it goes, please email us!