Twister Bjarke

Architecture = the Game of Twister

Twister BjarkeYou know when you play Twister and you start out and it is easy? Right hand on the blue dot, left foot on the red dot. No problem. But as you continue spinning the arrow, it gets more and more difficult to get that right foot in the right place, and hey, your right hand is in the way! Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels, interviewed by the New York Times, said that solving an architecture problem is like solving a Twister problem. And that the more complicated it gets the better it can be to solve. Watch the video here from the NY Times.

Ingels said that if the problem you see to solve is easy, then you don’t really stretch your brain to figure out new ways to solve it. If your problem is complex and difficult, you put on your thinking cap (like your bike helmet) and do some real heavy brain work. And you might just come up with a great solution!

Bjarke Ingels has an architeccture firm called, BIG. BIG stands for Bjarke Ingels Group. Currently there are three cool projects he is designing in New York City.

See more about his firm, BIG, here.