Be a Tourist in Your Own City

openhouse chicago
A number of cities across the world have been organizing free public events, called OpenHouse.The events allow behind-the-scenes access to over 100’s of great sites for one select weekend in a given city. You have the opportunity to see private houses, public structures and secret spaces that are otherwise closed to the public. And it is all FREE!

In Chicago, we just had our first OpenHouseChicago and it was great fun to experience a roof-top farm and discuss it with the farmer, see the interior of a private Frank Lloyd Wright designed home, and peek in on the sacred spots of an old Church. But we missed hundreds of other cool spots, so we plan to go next year too.

OpenHouse takes place in a number of cities, so check out if your city sponsors it – it is well worth it.

Here is information forĀ openhousechicago to find out about the weekend in 2012. You can volunteer too!