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What is a Favela?

Although the word sounds sort of glamorous, a favela is not that at all – it is a type of very dense slum, or housing for very poor people, typically found in Brazil’s urban areas. Strangely enough, the word favela comes from a sort of tree that makes people itch. In the late 19th century, […]

416 Creative CRATES for Immigrants

Architecture students do some really wacky and innovative stuff. They stay up all night to get their work done and they build structures out of materials that are not normally used. Like plastic vegetable crates. And plastic ties. And nothing else. At Lebanese American University, in Byblos Lebanon, the architecture students were asked to solve […]

Architecture Films Galore

Who doesn’t like videos? Who doesn’t like architecture? Who doesn’t like videos about architecture? If you are one of those folks who are interested in learning about the built environment by watching short films, we have the site for you. Walk through a building designed by Shigeru Ban or Daniel Libeskind. In one video, architect Steven […]

Dump The Trump Tower

Donald Trump. A name that is in the news all of the time nowadays. Come to Chicago and cross the Michigan Avenue Bridge over the Chicago River and see the Trump Tower,  a huge skyscraper, shaped like a bottle in reflective bluish glass with elegant and graceful curves. It WAS a beautiful building. And then Donald Trump decided to put […]