Golden Gate Bridge Chicago

Brick by Brick Exhibit

Golden Gate Bridge ChicagoCome to Chicago and see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wait, what?

Ok, you are right. You are not going to see the REAL Golden Gate Bridge – however it is a really great model of that famous rust-colored bridge made out of Legos. It is 60 foot long bridge built by Lego building professionals. (Wouldn’t that be a great job?)

The Museum of Science and Industry hosts a terrific exhibit titled, “Brick by Brick,” an architecture exhibit created out of those small Danish building blocks.

If you are a teacher, parent, caregiver or a KID, and you want to do some architecture projects on your own, the MSI website has some projects that you can download here.

The exhibit is open until February 2017.

Go to the Museum of Science and Industry for more information about your visit.