Build a Shelf

Build a Hexagon Shelf

from Wikipedia

Since everyone is at home a lot – it might be time to make something new for your room, or for another space in your house. And all you need is a whole bunch of popsicle sticks and a glue gun. I am not sure that the shelf could hold a set of encyclopedias or anything very heavy, but it could hold a favorite small collection of yours, or some photos or something else you love or care about.

This video shows how to make the shelf and we think it is pretty great. It is based on the shape of a hexagon. Hexagons are six-sided polygons. The animation above shows how the hexagon can be drawn – isn’t that fascinating? Hexagons are made of six equal triangles. Here is a coloring page with with hexagons too if you would rather color than build it.

See video on YouTube – thank you!

Now, we are not suggesting you eat all of the popsicles to make this project. Instead, you can buy enough popsicle sticks (1000) here for under $10. You can also get a glue gun if you need it. Youch – the hot glue can really hurt so you have to be careful or do this project with someone who can help you out.