wildkit construction in Evanston

Build a House in High School

wildkitIn Evanston Illinois, two teachers have built an unusual and fantastic new high school course called “Geometry in Construction” (GiC). A hands-on course, GiC integrates Geometry and Construction topics where kids actually BUILD a structure – a real construction project. Kids will engage in their learning and be able to build something useful in the real world. This year, the students will build an affordable house on the high school grounds. The house will be moved to a property donated by the City of Evanston once it is complete.

Students will learn about: safety, framing, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, windows, exterior doors, and siding. They will also experience teamwork, problem-solving, and STEM subject matter.

The Geometry content matches that of the other Geometry courses taught in the Math Department, and prepares students for the subsequent 2 Algebra courses.