Build Your Own- Like Abe Lincoln Did!

abe lincolnEveryone around here in Illinois knows the stories of how Abraham Lincoln built his own log cabin home, and we are doggone proud of his hard work and honest labors.
Well, with a pair of scissors,some heavyweight paper and a dash of glue, you can build some honest Illinois buildings yourself. Once built, put them together in a town and then ride through on your bike, or race a Matchbox car by the structures.
Thanks to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency for coming up with this easy project.

If you do not have a color printer, print ’em out on your black and white and color them with wild colors. You know, the ancient Greek temples that seem so perfectly white used to be colored in zany colors themselves. Lincoln MemorialThis photo is of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Although it is not an ancient structure, nor a Greek temple, it is designed in the manner of the ancient Greeks and it is a place for peaceful reflection, like a temple. In any case, we are getting off track here…

So do some honest work today and build a small town.