Bus stop for bus shelters

Bus Stop Beauty

Bus stop for bus sheltersWaiting for the bus in Krumbach is more interesting now than ever.

This small town in Austria decided to invite a bunch of architects from around the world to design bus shelters. Instead of the same old ones that we see in all of our towns and cities, either glass with a little bench, or a wooden little house, these shelters are incredibly different from one another and very interesting as small projects with big ideas.

These architects from around the globe, partnered with architects from that area of Vienna and that made for some new collaborations and probably some very interesting combinations of language and ideas. Similar to Columbus Indiana, a small town with a wealthy resident who brought in world-renowned architects to build interesting structures there, theĀ Kultur Krumbach organization in the small town of Krumbach has accomplished the same thing. A small town with a big architectural footprint.

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