build a geodesic dome

Dare to Build a Dome

build a geodesic domeBuilding a geodesic dome is not simple. Ask Bucky Fuller. There is math involved and measurements, there is assembly of the parts and construction. But once you figure it out, it is really a series of circles that intersect to make triangles that fit together snugly to make an efficient and useful space.
The geodesic dome project made of cardboard is here.

More about Geodesic Domes – because they are so very interesting!
An early geodesic dome was designed in Germany for a planetarium, and in 1948, Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller developed the math behind the the dome and even patented it. He worked with others to develop the idea of “tensegrity.” This engineering concept meant that you could have “an engineering principle of continuous tension and discontinuous compression that allowed domes to deploy a lightweight lattice of interlocking icosahedrons that could be skinned with a protective cover.” (from Wikipedia,
There were a few reasons why these domes were different and fantastic as structures, according to Bucky Fuller:
1. Strong
2. Lightweight for it’s strength
3. Stable
4. a Sphere encloses the largest amount of space for the minimum amount of surface area.

So build one in your room or in your backyard. Impress your friends and neighbors. Make your dog happy and build him a new house, like no other dog house in the neighborhood.