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Dwelling on a Cincinnati Architecture Education Project

Design Build Project in CincinnatiYou can’t really argue with a program that is a free, hands-on, project-based learning experience for schools, educators and students, grades K-12. Cincinnati is one lucky place indeed! The project called Design Lab is an in-classroom program that includes visits by built-environment professionals who visit the classroom one time per month for four months in a row. These volunteers work with the classroom teachers and offer a Guide as well as materials to build a model and a presentation board to illustrate what the kids have learned.

For the 2015 project, they had a theme of “dwellings” and the kids chose a few “clients” for their projects, including ancient Greeks, Maya Angelou and Dr. Seuss. We wonder if they will design the same dwelling for all of those clients. Find out more about the recent project here.

The contact person can be reached at in case you are in the area of Cincinnati and want to get involved with the program. See their website here too.


And if you are in Cincinnati this summer, make sure you check out the Betts House Museum! Our BuildIT! Exhibit will be there all summer.