Easy as Pie! A Six-Step Process

If you think about a project, whether it is a project to bake a pie or build a building, any process can be broken down to a series of steps. Let’s see, to make a pie you have to take out your pie pan, preheat your oven, mix the dough for the crust. Roll out the crust and place in the pan. Then cut the apples, mix ’em with some secret ingredients (like lemon and sugar -yum) place them in the shell, cover the apple mix with strips of dough, place in the oven and 45 minutes later – PIE!

The process for building a structure can be broken down to SIX steps. Granted, these steps are more complicated and will take more time than a pie – but the point is, all projects can be reduced to steps and can be accomplished in an organized and methodical way.
Six steps for building a structure may be:
1. Define the Problem
2. Collect Information
3. Brainstorm and Problem Solve
4. Develop Solutions
5. Gain Feedback from Others
6. Improve Your Solutions to Better Solutions
7. Build It!

To find out more about the process, go to the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s site which helps you to design a project.