Container Yard school of architecture is free

Free Architecture School? For Real?

Container Yard school of architecture is freeIn an old factory in Los Angeles, some people have gotten together and created an architecture school that costs nothing to attend.

The Container Yard in downtown LA is a new concept for architecture education. The barriers created by costing too much for many students have been brought down. This is not a replacement for full-time graduate program – it is just for a couple of months this summer.

From June 1 – July 15, this school offers an architecture curriculum to students that is full of “free inquiry, free discourse, and free debate.”

The building is a former factory building of Japanese sweets. Now there will be architecture education as well as other arts activities. The hope is to create a creative hub integrating the arts and commerce. It seems like a unique opportunity to have people share and ignite curiosity and ideas.

See The Container Yard website.