Hurry to the Top

Shanghai TowerA gigantic building is rising in Shanghai China. It is called the Shanghai Tower and it is 121 floors and 2,073 feet tall. It is not going to be the tallest in the world, but perhaps the greenest and tallest.
Or is it tallest greenest. Whatever. We thought that the fact that it will have elevators that rise at 40 miles per hour…keep your hats on! and that it will have wind turbines at the top to capture that energy, make this a very interesting project. The wind blowing on this tall building is a challenge for the building designers and engineers. The Shanghai Tower was built with a curved form, a twisted cylinder, that should protect it from typhoons and other acts of nature. The architecture firm is Gensler and the building will be completed in 2014. Go to Gensler’s web site and learn more.