Brette Haus - a folding house

Know When to Fold A House

It is fascinating how many modular houses are available now. These are houses that are manufactured in a factory and then shipped to the location where they are assembled and built.

Brette Haus yellow one for glamping

Some of these houses are made out of shipping containers or other metal boxes that attach to each other. Some others that we just found are made to UNFOLD, like a special gift.

Floor plan for Brette Haus

This company, Brette Haus, has a really cool unfolding tiny house that looks like it takes about an afternoon to assemble and build. In fact, they say that it takes 3 hours to set it in place and attach it to the plumbing pipes and electrical pipes that are ready for it.

The houses can fit on a truck and brought anywhere. We would like one as a studio on our backyard!

It seems like a perfect answer to end homelessness, doesn’t it? And these houses are so dang cute!

Check out the Brette Haus here.

If you know of other cool folding houses, email us!