Geodesic Domes and make your own vertices

Make Geodesic Dome Connectors with a 3-D Printer!

3-D Printed Vertices for building Geodesic Domes

This will be interesting to you if you are a person who:

  1. Has access to a 3D printer (check your local library! They often have cool maker spots.)
  2. Has an interest in buildings and structures
  3. Thinks Geodesic Domes are magical
  4. Wants to build something yourself
  5. Feels that something that was designed for free on a website called the “Thingiverse” is probably pretty cool

Then YOU should download these instructions to build a geodesic dome yourself!!

At archKIDecture, we always want to build stuff, and we have tried geodesic domes with rolled-up newspapers and tape, and mini domes with clay and toothpicks – but to build a giant one with these vertices would be fantabulous.

BTW, a VERTEX is the meeting point or intersection of two or more lines. VERTICES are more than one VERTEX. And a GEODESIC DOME uses a whole bunch of them.
Other related words are:
PLATONIC SOLIDS – in geometry, it is the collection of the five main polyhedrons
CUBE – a solid figure with 6 faces or sides
OCTAHEDRON – a solid figure with 8 faces or sides
DECAHEDRON – a solid figure with 10 faces or sides