photo of new 3D house

Mexican Houses in 3D!

current house in Tabasco Mexico, Photo by Joe Gonzalez
This is the type of house that will be replaced by the new 3D house in Tabasco Mexico (Photo by Joe Gonzalez)
New 3D house! Photo by Joshua Perez
New 3D house! Photo by Joshua Perez

Many people in the world are looking for solutions to the global housing crisis. What can be done to end homelessness for so many people all over the world? Some solutions include housing made of shipping containers, or housing made of pre-built parts, like a house made of Lego kit.

In this case, three organizations worked together to build some new houses in Tabasco, Mexico that will help people to get quality homes. And guess what? These houses will be built with a 3D printer! Future residents expressed their needs and requirements and joined in the design effort. 

 “The thing I am most excited about for my new house is having my own room where I can read. Where I live now, we can’t read much, because–when our parents bought us books, they would always get wet because of rain coming in through the roof. I am excited to read in my new home.”
– Alan, age 8, future 3D printed home resident

So far, two houses have been completed in 24 hours of print time and 50 houses are planned in this community.

Each house is 500 square feet, with  two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and living room. Also, each house has an ultra-reinforced foundation for building in areas like Tabasco, Mexico, to withstand earthquakes. The specialty material used in the 3D machine is called lavacrete.

The three organizations involved in this effort are New Story, a non-profit working to create housing to end global homelessness, ICON, the 3D building company and the Mexican social housing enterprise, Echale.

Update: Here are some interesting 3D homes built in Austin Texas.