House for $10

How to Move a $10 House

House for $10In the town of Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago), an architect bought a house for only ten dollars. You heard it right! TEN DOLLARS. And it is a house that was designed by a famous architect, built in the Prairie School period of architecture. (Remember the Prairie School is the period of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.)

ANYWAY, this house was on a lot that someone wanted to build a new house. So this house was sold to the architect for $10, as long as he would move it from that property and place it in a new lot. So he accomplished it. He had the house cut into three pieces and then stored in a parking lot of an abandoned grocery store for a long while. And then, just this week, he had the moving trucks drive this three-pieced-house to the new lot. It was a very WIDE LOAD indeed.

And now, the work will come to reassemble it and fix all the cracks and cuts, reinstall it on a foundation, put in new electric and plumbing connections and all of the rest to bring the house up to code and to make it cozy, once again, as all Prairie School houses should be.
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