mushrooms used for construction

Mushroom Rooms

Mushroom bricks

Mushrooms. We usually think of them as food. Ya know, we have sliced mushrooms on pizza, we sometimes make rice with veggies, including mushrooms. Apparently, mushrooms can also be used to make ROOMS. Mushrooms, also called mycelium, grow everywhere and have lots of great qualities, including acting like glue. So, if mycelium is mixed with other materials like straw, ground up wood or sawdust, you can make blocks like bricks. In fact, the bricks can be “GROWN” as the mushrooms develop.

Mushroom construction materials are new and so more research needs to be done before these bricks can replace standard clay bricks. Mushroom bricks are not as strong and they don’t last as long as regular bricks, but they will improve.  This material will decompose and will not add to landfills. The planet will be healthier because of mushroom rooms.


Here is a link to a video that shows how to make a mushroom brick.

And check out this structure made of mushrooms and here is another mushroom structure.