I am the Architect interior page

Neat Architecture Book for Kids

A design and build architecture firm in the UK, called Moon, had an awful good idea to write a children’s book about architecture. And what a book they made!

I am the Architect Book interior pageDetailed illustrations show the inside of a “Design/Build” office (and we think that the people in the picture are probably the real members of the office staff.) Archie is the main character. He works hard to get technical information and then ideas – or what he calls “inspiration” – through travels around the globe and taking photos.
So we learn about how an architect works and how an architect gets ideas. All in all, a pretty comprehensive view of all things architecture.
Illustrations are sweet and complex enough to gaze at for a while. The writing is quite “British” but I think Americans and others can make our way around it.
There is also a design competition that the design firm, Moon, is holding. Go to their website to see how you can enter.
Get a copy of the book here and learn about the competition: http://www.iamarchie.co.uk