geodesic dome in Evanston

People in Plastic Houses Should Not Throw Stones…

We just happened upon these portable Geodesic Dome structures on a plaza today, in Evanston Illinois. It looks like Springtime inside of the plastic domes, with summer furniture and a simple electric heater. All you need to do is to enter through the Velcro door and bask in the sun and warmth inside, while being outside in the winter weather. What a treat for anyone who lives in this cold climate and feels fenced in to the walls of his or her house or apartment. What a good idea!

Thank you to Buckminster Fuller for his invention of the Geodesic Dome. Bucky Fuller, as he was know, was quite unique and original and this structure is the same. The building is a polyhedron made of triangles which help to spread heavy loads so the building is quite strong.

Read more about Geodesic Domes here.

inside of the geodesic dome