Pink Chinese Towers

Pink Mangrove Tree Towers?

Pink Chinese TowersIn China, a design firm might build the tallest pink buildings in the world. Well, the tallest buildings in the world. And they will be pink. And a kilometer tall. And they look like the roots of Mangrove trees. And they will filter water from a nearby lake, filter air, grow gardens along the vertical surfaces and wind turbines.
The design is also based around the mythology of the Chinese phoenix, symbolized by a male and a female bird, which is represented by the two towers.
The buildings are not a reality at this point, but a design for a new kind of building that will might cause less damage to the earth and the environment. Can elevators reach that high? Can windows open up on the 100th floor and let the building breathe? Those details are not clear yet. But it would be great to see these two pink mangrove trees grow in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The design firm is in Great Britain, and it is called Chetwood. Find out more about the project at their website.