Build with pipe cleaners

Architecture Pipe Cleaner Project

Build with pipe cleanersWant to build something with old fashioned pipe cleaners? How about trying to build the tallest building possible with some pipe cleaners?

Take a limited number of pipe cleaners, say 15. Then try to build the tallest structure possible. Try to twist them together or tie them up or whatever you can do to make them stand up.

To make it even more challenging, try to only use one hand and then see if you can build a tower.

Once you succeed, team up with friends to see how tall you can build when you merge your pipe cleaner collection and you have 30 to use.

It will be wobbly and unsteady and lots of fun to see it stand tall.

Figure out what makes it strong…here is a hint: Triangles are the strongest geometric shape.

Send photos of your tower to us and we will post them.