Think LIke an Architec Book cover

Read This and Think Like an Architect

Written by architect Randy Deutsch, Think Like an Architect offers tools to solve problems in the same way that an architect solves problems.

Think like an architect, person on a bike For example, if you want to think about different ways to design a room, how might you come up with new ideas? The illustrator, Bruce Bondy, along with author Deutsch, make some suggestions. First, do not sit at your desk and look at blank paper. Do not look at the wall for hours and hours. Instead, perhaps take a bike ride or hop in the shower and an idea might come to you. Don’t spend all the energy focusing on the problem or you might not find a solution.

We like that this is easy to read and it has plenty of actionable ideas. This book would be an interesting introduction for someone who wants to be an architect, and really any person who wants to think differently.

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Think like and Architect, person in s shower