LEgo tower poster

Record Breaking Legos in UK!

LEgo tower posterOn August 10th, you need to get to the Boroughbridge Library (in Boroughbridge, UK of course…) because there is going to be an event to build with lots and LOTS of Legos! Anyone is welcome and the session is free. We live in the US, but this might warrant a trip across the pond (also known as the Atlantic Ocean) to visit this library for this event.

Maybe we will make the tallest Lego tower on record! Hmmm, that might be tough. The tallest one on record was built in Budapest Hungary on May 25,  2014. The Guiness Book of World Records verified it at 34.76 meters. It beat out an American group that built a tower previously that measured at 34.43 meters.  We wonder, “Is that is only one block taller?”

It is interesting to us that the story about this tower in Hungary states that school children helped to build it, but the photos show a bunch of adult workmen assembling it. Hmmm, we hope that kids get to do most of the building at the session at Boroughbridge, although you should probably let the adults play too.