Dominque Petrin artist

Silk Screened Walls Make Me Dizzy. Ain’t it Great?

Dominque Petrin artistArtist Dominique Pétrin likes to install insanely colored and patterned silkscreens boldly on to architectural spaces. She explained that her main influences are “the Muppet Show, Liberace, Catholic churches where I grew up and Dario Argento’s movies.” These influences have turned her into a kind of sorcerer of color and shapes, dropping patterns that are dizzying. Her artwork makes you curious – you want to know more about what the space is and why it looks like it does, because it unfamiliar to see something so bright and distracting. She says that the “overall effect is noisy and thought provoking.” Our thought is that she had a great idea to take ordinary spaces and make them extraordinary, simply by decorating the surfaces. You could try it too on an ordinary wall. But ask you parents or teachers first. See her website.

Thanks for the image by Larry Glawson.