pipe cleaners and straws for building project for kids from archKIDecture

Straws and Pipe Cleaner Structures!

small structure made of straws and pipe cleaners

If you have some straws and some pipe cleaners you can make some interesting structures. In fact you can make them and unmake them.

Start with three straw and three pipe cleaners. Attach them to make a triangle. Once you make a triangle, you can make more connected triangles.

I always cut the pipe cleaners and straws into four pieces each. You could build triangles with full size straws too, but then you would want to have more of them!

I had these plastic straws, but  paper straws are better for the environment. If you buy straws, I highly recommend that you get paper straws, here. I recommend these pipe cleaners as well.

Watch the video below to learn how to build structures yourself!