Thank You for 50 Buildings

History of 50 cities in buildingsToday is day 24 in the “History of Cities in 50 Buildings” series that The Guardian is sharing with the world. A global (literally!) view on structures from Chicago to Mumbai to London and Timbuktu, the stories explain the cities by describing the history of the buildings in 50 cities.

These are not your typical stories of famous buildings and their architects, but rather the buildings as symbols and physical manifestations of history. For example,

– A group of public housing buildings in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, that were so terrible that they were blown up – and how that all happened and what it meant to the city.

– One of the earliest skyscrapers that was built and how that came to happen in Chicago, Illinois, USA

– A devastating building collapse and what that meant in Dhaka, Bangladesh

And there are 47 other stories.

These stories are not written for young kids, but they are stories that can be retold to kids, so that they can also learn from our built environment as we all build the future.