tongiht buildings

The Tonight Show loves Architecture

tongiht buildingsHave you seen this beautiful wooden New York City, every night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? You can see the Chrysler Building, the Empire State, The Trump Building, The Woolworth Building and so many more. The buildings on the set were designed by Eugene Lee. He is a set designer for plays and television, including Saturday Night Live. Often he takes his ideas and develops models that are quite small – 1/4″ scale. It is a ton of work to make models, especially with the detail that you can see on these buildings behind Jimmy Fallon’s desk.

In an interview with Eugene Lee, he said this: ” Nothing makes me happier than an impossible space and an impossible project.” That is a great way of approaching your work that is exciting and challenging. We love that the buildings of New York are shown off each night to millions of people. Think about designing one of those buildings someday….

If we find out more about these small buildings, we will share that here. Or contact us at if you have some information about them.